The Mother Church looks good at any angle, but these spots are our favorite.

The 5th Avenue Exterior

When you join us for a tour or a show, walk around to the side of the building that borders 5th Avenue. At this angle, the Ryman feels imposing, even among all the high-rises that have popped up in the 128 years since the venue was erected as a tabernacle. Regardless of how much Nashville changes, the Ryman is an enduring reminder of the power of dreams, including the ones that fueled the very creation of this historic landmark.

Hatch Show Print Gallery

As you make your way from the Soul of Nashville immersive film experience to the auditorium at the beginning of your tour, you’ll walk through the softly lit Hatch Show Print Gallery. From floor to ceiling, its walls are adorned with priceless posters autographed by some of the most iconic entertainers to ever step on the Ryman stage. Pose next to the poster of your favorite artist or get an artistic long shot of the space.

Behind the Microphone

Take in the same view as the countless entertainers who’ve experienced a rite of passage right where you’re standing. Most tours include an opportunity to stand on the Ryman stage. When you’re up there behind the mic, hit pause for a moment to reflect on the magic contained inside this 2,362-seat venue.

Stained-Glass Windows

An array of colors, the Ryman’s arched stained-glass windows are real stunners. They weren’t installed until 1966, and we can’t imagine a Ryman without them now. When you visit, make sure to appreciate the windows from both the inside and outside, and notice how the saturation of the photos you take changes.

Date Night Pew

In the far back corner of main floor is the most adorable spot — a love seat, if you will — to sit in all of the Ryman. The pew in Section 1, Row V is the only one in the whole auditorium to just contain two seats, making for a sweet photo op with your significant other.

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