Experience the Ryman’s fascinating stories with your favorite celebrities.

See memorabilia, artifacts, and more that are only available to our daytime tour guests! Explore the Ryman at your own pace and dive deeper into its history with five special exhibits: “Workin’ on a Building,” “Roots Run Deep,” “Showplace of the South,” “Inspired: 125 Years of Performance,” and “Ryman Renaissance.” Get to know the stories with short films hosted by Emmylou Harris, Marty Stuart, Nicole Kidman, Ricky Skaggs, Robin Roberts, and Trisha Yearwood as they take you through each chapter of the fascinating Ryman story.

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See our newest exhibit, “Inspired: 125 Years of Performance.”

“Inspiration is a powerful force. It builds buildings. It built this one. It alters the course of an entire city’s future. It creates new genres of music. It ignites performances that live on long after those who gave them are gone. It makes what might seem impossible, possible. Inspiration changes lives. Inspiration changes the world.” – Emmylou Harris

Next, stop by the “Inspired: 125 Years of Performance” exhibit.  See the historical artifacts that tell the story of how the Ryman’s very existence came from divine inspiration.  The building has gone on to be an integral part in the religious, cultural, and musical history in Nashville and beyond.

Emmylou Harris, your video host, details the beginning of the Ryman and shares stories of the influence the building had on events such as suffrage & civil rights movements, and how it even made a new fashion statement in country music.  From artists such as Vince Gill to Jack White and Garrison Keillor to Louis Armstrong, learn how the Ryman’s influence reaches all genres.  All are welcome within the walls of the Mother Church, just as Tom Ryman intended it to be more than 125 years ago.